Replicating Designs: An Effective Way to Learn Flutter

Replicating Designs: An Effective Way to Learn Flutter

Apr 30, 2022ยท

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Learning a programming language can be very daunting, especially when there is no clear cut plan on how one intends to learn the language to attain mastery.
I mean can one master a language ๐Ÿ˜?
Figuring out how best a language can be learnt saves you a lot of time and structures your learning, you know what to learn and what not to otherwise, you find yourself binge-watching all the tutorial videos you can find, drowning yourself in an unending cycle of watching tutorial videos. Binge-watching can be very exhausting it creates a mindset suggesting that you don't know enough to start writing the language.


I mean how many of these videos can you watch? the list is endless ๐Ÿฅด.

How Best Can a Programming Language Be Learnt ?...

As a developer that started writing flutter about 6 months ago, one thing that has helped me ease into the language has been replicating designs of mobile apps. of course, I had to initially understand the basics of the language and afterwards, my learning structure was tailored towards finding tutorials that were practical based, by practical based I mean tutorials that built apps and taught alongside, I would probably suggest a few of them for you to check out at the end of this article.

How Effective has this been ?...


Programming is very practical and the earlier you get your hands dirty the better for you as a developer, learning flutter this way has made me familiarise myself with the language in a very short while.
Some of the benefits of learning flutter this way for me are as follows

  • it has helped improved and still improving my problem-solving skills
  • am learning the best practices for writing flutter
  • am learning the best practices for developing mobile applications
  • it has made my learning more structured
  • For me, the benefits have been endless actually and it can only get better from here. There are different approaches to learning a programming language so am not shoving this down your throat, but this has been effective for me which is why am sharing it ๐Ÿ‘Œ.
    Here are a list of the tutorials channels I currently use and have helped me a great deal

  • Mitch KoKo
  • Marcus Ng
  • Afgprogrammer
  • The Growing Developer
  • The Flutter Way
  • Tadas Petra
  • Here are some freecodecamp tutorials you might want to check out as well

  • Build a Live Stream Flutter App โ€“ Android & iOS Course
  • Flutter & Firebase Course - Build a Full Stack Instagram Clone
  • All these resources has been helpful for me, I hope they are for you as well.
    Learning a programming language is not an easy task but with the right strategy and learning resources you could grow faster than you thought, and as you grow in your learning journey am rooting for you all the way.

    Shalom ๐Ÿ‘‹

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