Out of place: you feel that way sometimes right???

Out of place: you feel that way sometimes right???

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·Oct 25, 2021·

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I always feel out of place sometimes, the thoughts do I belong here ? eats me up like guilt. I mean I love tech but sometimes it all just seems overwhelming and I don't want to rest cause there is so much to learn. Phew! what I learnt yesterday I forgot already, please where is my note? am sure I wrote it down somewhere.


You know I just read an article last week that kid was 13 when he got that internship at Google, am 19 and am not even sure know a thing yet.

Sometimes I google what to build ??? cause I am tired of watching tutorial videos, are you not tired too, you are right? I mean I want to build my start-up from the ground up, I already perfected the product in my head and it made sense (You ever built a start-up in your head ???, trust me it's a great feeling until you open your code editor) now I open my code editor my fingers get numb, my head is blank and then again I google how to build blah blah blah ? and then I found nothing. Really!, so nobody could do a tutorial on how to build this thing? I mean it's not even a new product phew! ( can you imagine the level of entitlement to tech tutors you don't pay, meanwhile my shout-out goes to all tech tutors out there I love you all ) .

Okay let me take a break I would go on Twitter to cool off for a bit and then boom! I saw this " just accepted a position as a software engineer at Netflix " I was happy for that person (even if am not, can I change it?) but the thought when would I tweet this oh lord ??? came banging on my head like headache, this me that still struggles to understand data types?...

20211014_192204.jpg The shoes just always seem heavier by the day, it's like am impersonating someone else. All the code I ever wrote has been from watching tutorials, I've never written a single line of code that is by my thought , and right now am officially tired...

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